VLSI-SoC 2022
30th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, October 3-5, Patras, Greece

Daily Bus Route

Daily buses will take you to the conference center and back. Due to heavy traffic, time schedule is strict and hence, the bus is not going to wait. You should be at the bus stop point before the time written on the time schedule.

After each day's last session the buses will take you back to Patras in opposite direction.

Please take care of the bus stop point C as shown in Pic. 3. It is on opposite of the entrance of the Castello City Hotel (Agiou Andreou street) and about 120m distance from the Days City Suites.

Bus stop pointAddressDetailsTime Schedule
AAt the entrance of My Way hotelSee Pic. 17:50
BOthonos amalias & Agiou Nikolaou streetSee Pics. 2A, 2B7:50
CAgiou Andreou & Filopimenos cornerSee Pic. 38:00
D58 Iroon Polytechniou Ave. &, Kiprou St, Patra 264 41.
At the entrance of Hotel Moxy Patra Marina
See Pic. 48:05
 At the entrances of Hotel Kallirroe and Hotel Castello 8:20
Pic. 1
Pic. 2A
Pic. 2B
Pic. 3
Pic. 4