VLSI-SoC 2022
30th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, October 3-5, Patras, Greece

Technical Program

30th IFIP/IEEE VLSI-SoC 2022 Technical Program

At a Glance


Sunday, October 2

15:30 — 19:00



Monday, October 3



8:45 Room I.4

General Co-chairs: Prof. Odysseas Koufopavlou, Univ. of Patras, and Prof. Graziano Pravadelli, Univ. di Verona
Technical Program Co-chairs: Prof. Vassilis Paliouras, Univ. of Patras, and Prof. Lech Józwiak, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology

9:00 Room I.4

Keynote: Designing Phase-Locked Loops in Modern CMOS Technologies
 Prof. Salvatore Levantino, Politecnico di Milano

Session chair: Prof. Grigorios Kalivas

10:00 — 11:40 M1A — Room II.8 Systems on Chip
Session chair: Prof. Dimitrios Soudris, NTUA
Embedded TCP/IP Controller for a RISC-V SoC — full text slides— video Chun-Jen Tsai and Yi-De Lee
A Hardware-based HEFT Scheduler Implementation for Dynamic Workloads on Heterogeneous SoCs — full textslides Alexander Fusco, Sahil Hassan, Joshua Mack and Ali Akoglu
RISC-V Processor Trace Encoder with Multiple Instructions Retirement Support — full textslidesvideo Halil Kükner, Gökhan Kaplayan, Ahmet Efe and Mehmet Ali Gülden
RIBiT: Reduced Intra-flit Bit Transitions for Bufferless NoC — full text slides Akshay Sarman, Alwin Shaju, Rose George Kunthara, Neethu K, Rekha K. James and John Jose
M1B — Room II.9 Design Automation – 1
Session chair: Dr. Victor Grimblatt, Synopsys
Guiding FPGA Detailed Placement Via Reinforcement Learning — full text slidesvideo Pooria Esmaeili, Timothy Martin, Shawki Areibi and Gary Grewal
Generation of Formal CPU Profiles for Embedded Systems — full text slides Stian Sorensen, Christian Bartsch, Dominik Stoffel and Wolfgang Kunz
Simulation-Based Maximum Coverage Hazards Detection and Elimination Analysis, Supporting Combinational Logic Loops — full textslides Nikolaos Chatzivangelis, Dimitris Valiantzas, Christos Sotiriou and Iordanis Lilitsis
Investigation on Performance, Power, Area Trade-Offs using Deterministic and Monte-Carlo Process Variation Aware Synthesis Flows — full textslides Nikolaos Blias, Iordanis Lilitsis, Stavros Simoglou, Christos Sotiriou and Evangelos Bakas


12:00 — 13:30 SS1 — Room II.8 Special Session on Computation-in-Memory: Opportunities and challenges
Organizer: Prof. Said Hamdioui, Delft University of Technology
FeFET versus DRAM based PIM Architectures: A Comparative Study — full textslides Chirag Sudarshan, Taha Soliman, Thomas Kämpfe, Christian Weis and Norbert Wehn
Cross-layer FeFET Reliability Modeling for Robust Hyperdimensional Computing — full text Shubham Kumar, Swetaki Chatterjee, Simon Thomann, Paul R. Genssler, Yogesh Singh Chauhan and Hussam Amrouch
System Design for Computation-in-Memory: From Primitive to Complex Functions — full textslides Mahdi Zahedi, Taha Shahroodi, Abhairaj Singh, Geert Custers, Stephan Wong and Said Hamdioui
SS2 — Room II.9 Special Session on Front-end circuits and subsystems for 5G applications
Organizer: Prof. Grigorios Kalivas, Univ. of Patras
A Wideband High-Gain Power Amplifier Operating in the D Band — full text Vasileios Manouras and Ioannis Papananos
Frequency Synthesizers for 5G Applications — full text Salvatore Levantino
30 GHz Front-End with Adaptively Biased PA and Current Steering LNA for Phased Array Systems — full text Panagiotis Gkoutis, Georgios Konidas and Grigorios Kalivas
11:40 — 13:30 *Poster 1:Design and Applications
Session chair: Prof. Paris Kitsos


14:45 — 16:25 M2A — Room II.8 Digital Design
Session chair: Prof. Ibrahim Elfadel, Khalifa University
An Energy-Efficient Three-Independent-Gate FET Cell Library for Low-Power Edge Computing — full textslides Michael Keyser, Roman Gauchi and Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
A Low-Overhead Method for the Accurate Estimation of the Maximum Operating Clock Frequency — full textslides Brent Bohnenstiehl, Aaron Stillmaker, Timothy Andreas and Bevan Baas
Exploring Approximate Comparator Circuits on Power Efficient Design of Decision Trees — full textslides Pedro Silva, Mateus Grellert and Cristina Meinhardt
M2B — Room II.9 Design Automation – 2
Session chair: Prof. Christos Sotiriou, Univ. of Thessaly
Stitch-avoiding Detailed Routing for Multiple E-Beam Lithography — full text slidesvideo Kritanta Saha, Pritha Banerjee and Susmita Sur-Kolay
SPTA: A Scalable Parallel ILP-Based Track Assignment Algorithm with Two-stage Partition — full textslidesvideo Yidan Jing, Liliang Yang, Zhen Zhuang, Genggeng Liu, Xing Huang, Wen-Hao Liu and Ting-Chi Wang
FPGA-Based Stochastic Local Search Satisfiability Solvers Exploiting High Bandwidth Memory — full text slides video Christopher Chuvalas and Ranga Vemuri
LA-SVR: A High-Performance Layer Assignment Algorithm with Slew Violations Reduction– full text slidesvideo Lieqiu Jiang, Zepeng Li, Chenpeng Bao, Genggeng Liu, Xing Huang, Wen-Hao Liu and Ting-Chi Wang


16:45 — 18:25 M3A — Room II.8 Analog Design
Session chair: Prof. Costas Psychalinos, University of Patras
Machine Learning based Power Converter Large Signal Simulation for Energy Harvesting Applications –full textslides George Vergos, Vasiliki Gogolou, Christina Panagiotopoulou, Anastasios Avgoustidis, Thomas Noulis, Kostas Siozios and Stylianos Siskos
A Circuit-Level SPICE Modeling Strategy for the Simulation of Behavioral Variability in ReRAM — full text — slides Jose Cayo, Ioannis Vourkas and Antonio Rubio
A novel wide frequency range 65nm CMOS VCO– full textslides Dimitrios Samaras, Andreas Tsimpos and Alkis Hatzopoulos
A self-referenced on-chip jitter BIST with sub-picosecond resolution in 28 nm FD-SOI technology– full textslides Manasa Madhvaraj, Salvador Mir and Manuel J. Barragan
M3B — Room II.9 Circuits for Communications
Session chair: Prof. Fatih Ugurdag, Ozyegin University
Architecture and 28 nm CMOS Design of a 1886 MBin/sec Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder (CABAC) Encoder– full textslides Renjie Chen, Aaron Stillmaker and Bevan Baas
High-Speed SC Decoder for Polar Codes achieving 1.7 Tb/s in 28 nm CMOS– full textslidesvideo Lukasz Lopacinski, Alireza Hasani, Goran Panic, Nebojsa Maletic, Jesus Gutiérrez, Milos Krstic and Eckhard Grass
A  FPGA implementation of the VESA Display Stream Compression decoder– full text – slides Nikolaos Kefalas and George Theodoridis
High-Level Synthesis design approach for Number-Theoretic Multiplier– full text – slides Islam Aleaxnder El-Kady, Apostolos Fournaris and Vassilis Paliouras

    *Papers in session Poster 1: Design and Applications
Room II.3
Session chair: Prof. Paris Kitsos, University of Peloponnese
    Gradient Backpropagation based Feature Attribution to Enable Explainable-AI on the Edge full text Ashwin Bhat, Adou Sangbone Assoa and Arijit Raychowdhury
    ENDURA : Enhancing Durability of Multi Level Cell STT-RAM based Non Volatile Memory Last Level Caches full text Yogesh Kumar, S Sivakumar and John Jose
    Flexible Security and Privacy, System Architecture for IoT, in Healthcare full text Kyriaki Tsantikidou and Nicolas Sklavos
    Enabling Automotive Electrification on Heterogeneous Automotive Microcontroller using Virtual System Modelling full text Rupali Hongekar, Ankita Gupta, Jayakrishna Guddeti and Meghashyam Ashwathnarayan
    A Comparison of SAT-based and SMT-based Frameworks for X-value Combinational Equivalence Checking full text Raiyyan Malik, Shubham Baunthiyal, Puneet Kumar, Srinath J and Sneh Saurabh
    Linear and Periodic State Integrated Circuits Noise Simulation Benchmarking full text Anastasios Michailidis, Thomas Noulis and Kostas Siozios
    Practical Day-Ahead Power Prediction of Solar Energy-Harvesting for IoT Systems full text Konstantinos Falis, Andreas Tsiougkos and Vasilis F. Pavlidis
    Unlocking High Resolution Arithmetic Operations within Memristive Crossbars for Error Tolerant Applications full text Kamalika Datta, Saman Froehlich, Dev Narayan Yadav, Saeideh Shirinzadeh, Indranil Sengupta and Rolf Drechsler
    A Power Reduction Technique Based on Linear Transformations for Cryptographic Block Ciphers full text Elif Bilge Kavun
    Run Time Power and Accuracy Management with Approximate Circuits full text Nahla El-Araby, David Frismuth, Nilson Neves Filho and Axel Jantsch
    Efficient Dynamic Logic Magnitude Comparators full text Constantinos Efstathiou, Laura Agalioti and Yiorgos Tsiatouhas
    Power Analysis Attack on Locking SIB based IJTAG Achitecture full text Gaurav Kumar, Anjum Riaz, Yamuna Prasad and Satyadev Ahlawat
    Hardware Trojan Mitigation for Securing On-chip Networks from Dead Flit Attacks full text Mohammad Humam Khan, Ruchika Gupta, Vedika J. Kulkarni, John Jose and Sukumar Nandi


Tuesday, October 4



8:45 – Room I.4

Keynote: Preserving Design Hierarchy Information for Polynomial Formal Verification — invited paper,
Prof. Rolf Drechsler, University of Bremen

Session Chair: Prof. Giovanni De Micheli, EPFL

9:45 — 11:25 T1A — Room II.8 Fault tolerance and testing
Session chair: Prof. Nicolas Sklavos, University of Patras
Combining Fault Tolerance Techniques and COTS SoC Accelerators for Payload Processing in Space full text slides Vasileios Leon, Elissaios Alexios Papatheofanous, George Lentaris, Charalampos Bezaitis, Nikolaos Mastorakis, Georgios Bampilis, Dionysios Reisis and Dimitrios Soudris
Fast and accurate Model-Driven FPGA-based System-Level Fault Emulationfull text slides Endri Kaja, Nicolas Gerlin, Monideep Bora, Gabriel Rutsch, Keerthikumara Devarajegowda, Dominik Stoffel, Wolfgang Kunz and Wolfgang Ecker
A Signal-Integrity Aware ATPG Flow to Generate High-Quality Patterns for Testing System-on-Chip Designsfull textslidesvideo Anu Asokan
T1B — Room II.9 Modelling
Session chair: Prof. Graziano Pravadelli, University of Verona
A Multi-stage Hybrid Approach for Mapping Applications on Heterogeneous Multi-core Platformsfull text — slides Andreas Emeretlis, George Theodoridis, Panayiotis Alefragis and Nikolaos Voros
MemCork: Exploration of Hybrid Memory Architectures for Intermittent Computing at the Edgefull text slides Theo Soriano, David Novo, Guillaume Prenat, Gregory Di Pendina and Pascal Benoit
NISTT: A Non-Intrusive SystemC-TLM 2.0 Tracing Toolfull text slides Nils Bosbach, Lukas Jünger, Jan Moritz Joseph and Rainer Leupers
Exploiting clustering and decision-tree algorithms to mine LTL assertions containing non-boolean expressionsfull text slides Samuele Germiniani and Graziano Pravadelli
9:45 — 11:25 **Poster 2: Student forum


11:45 — 13:30 SS3 — Room II.8 Special Session on Variability in ReRAM devices: mitigation and opportunities for exploitation
Organizers: Prof. Ioannis Vourkas, Federico Santa Maria Technical University, Prof. Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Democritus University of Thrace, Prof. Antonio Rubio, Polytechnic University of Catalonia
End-to-end modelling of variability-aware neural networks based on resistive-switching memory arrays full textslides Artem Glukhov, Nicola Lepri, Valerio Milo, Andrea Baroni, Cristian Zambelli, Piero Olivo, Eduardo Pérez, Christian Wenger and Daniele Ielmini
Reliability-Aware Ratioed Logic Operations for Energy-Efficient Computational ReRAM full text — slides Carlos Fernandez and Ioannis Vourkas
Dealing with Non-Idealities in Memristor Based Computation-In-Memory Designs full text — slides Anteneh Gebregiorgis, Abhairaj Singh, Sumit Diware, Rajendra Bishnoi and Said Hamdioui
Substrate Effect on Low-frequency Noise of synaptic RRAM devices full text — slides Nikolaos Vasileiadis, Alexandros Mavropoulis, Panagiotis Loukas, Pascal Normand, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis and Panagiotis Dimitrakis
SS4 — II.9 Special Session on Computing Circuits and SoCs for Space Applications
Organizer: Prof. Dionysios Reisis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
SoC FPGA Acceleration for Semantic Segmentation of Clouds in Satellite Images full textslides Elissaios Alexios Papatheofanous, Philippos Tziolos, Vasileios Kalekis, Tzouma Amrou, Georgios Konstantoulakis, Georgios Venitourakis and Dionysios Reisis
Towards Employing FPGA and ASIP Acceleration to Enable Onboard AI/ML in Space Applications full textslides Vasileios Leon, George Lentaris, Dimitrios Soudris, Simon Vellas and Mathieu Bernou
A low-power, radiation-hardened Single Event Effect rate detection System on a Chip for Real Time Monitoring of Single Event Effects on Low Earth Orbit satellites full text — slides Georgios Kottaras, Theodoros Sarris, Athanasios Psomoulis, Ilias Ioakeimidis, Angelos Papathanasiou, Dave Pitchford and Ingmar Sandberg
High-Performance Hardware Accelerators for Next Generation On-Board Data Processing full text — slides Antonios Paschalis and Nektarios Kranitis
11:40 — 13:30 ***Poster 3:Phd Forum

Social program: Visit to Olympia
Social program: Gala Dinner

    **Papers in Session Poster 2: Student Forum
Room II.3
Organizers/co-chairs: Prof. Ricardo Reis, UFRGS, Prof. Alexandra Lackmann Zimpeck, UFRGS, Prof. Ioannis Kouretas, University of Patras
    Assessing IMD of a Direct-to-RF Platform — full text Jonathan Merk, Changhai Lin and Matthias Kamuf  
    Analysis of an Inverter Logic Cell based on 3D Vertical NanoWire Junction-Less Transistors — full text Lucas Réveil, Chhandak Mukherjee, Cristell Maneux, Marina Deng, François Marc, Abhishek Kumar, Aurélie Lecestre, Guilhem Larrieu, Arnaud Poittevin, Ian O’Connor, Oskar Baumgartner and David Pirker  
    On the Design and Development of a ReRAM-based Computational Memory Prototype — full text Carlos Fernandez and Ioannis Vourkas  
    A 18-27 GHz Programmable Gain Amplifier in  65-nm CMOS technology — full text Carolina del Río Bueno, Uxua Esteban Eraso, Santiago Celma Pueyo and Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta  
    Modeling frequency response of gm-boosted inductorless Common-Gate LNA — full text Jorge Marqués-García, Alberto Arcusa-Puente, Antonio D. Martínez-Pérez and Francisco Aznar  
    Approximation Workflow for Energy-Efficient Comparators in Decision Tree Applications — full text Pedro Silva, Mateus Grellert and Cristina Meinhardt  
    Design and characterisation of a Physically Unclonable Function on FPGA using second-order compensated measurement — full text Jorge Fernandez-Aragon, Guillermo Diez-Senorans, Miguel Garcia-Bosque and Santiago Celma  

    ***Papers in Session Poster 3: PhD Forum
Room II.3
Organizers/co-chairs: Prof. Ricardo Reis, UFRGS, Prof. Alexandra Lackmann Zimpeck, UFRGS, Prof. Ioannis Kouretas, University of Patras
    Investigation of Hybrid Soft Error Mitigation Techniques for Applications running on Resource-constrained devices — full text Jonas Gava, Ricardo Reis and Luciano Ost  
    Systematic Embedded Development and Implementation Techniques on Intel Myriad VPUs — full text Vasileios Leon, Kiamal Pekmestzi and Dimitrios Soudris  
    Architectural Support for Functional Programming — full text Cecil Accetti and Peilin Liu  
    Towards CIM-friendly and Energy-Efficient DNN Accelerator via Bit-level Sparsity — full text Foroozan Karimzadeh and Arijit Raychowdhury  
    Speculative guardband: exploiting critical-delay variations across cached instructions — full text Johannes Warwick Farias, Diego V. C. Nascimento, Tiago Barros and Samuel Xavier-de-Sousa  
    Routability-Driven Detailed Placement Using Reinforcement Learning — full text Sheiny Fabre Almeida, José Luís Güntzel, Laleh Behjat and Cristina Meinhardt  
    Analog Compute in Memory and Breaking Digital Number Representations — full text Nathan Laubeuf  
    A CMOS 4-bit Digitally Programmable Phase Shifter for the K-band — full text Uxua Esteban Eraso, Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta, Concepción Aldea and Santiago Celma  
    Automated Framework for Fast Synthesis of Approximate Hardware Accelerators — full text Muhammad Awais and Marco Platzner  
    Exploring Approximate Computing Approaches to Design Power-efficient Multipliers — full text Vinícius Zanandrea and Cristina Meinhardt  


Wednesday, October 5



8:45 Room I.4

Keynote:Challenges in Hardware Implementations of Fully Homomorphic Encryption Algorithms
Prof. Çetin Kaya Koç, University of California, Santa Barbara

Session chair: Prof. Eustratios Gallopoulos, Univ. Patras

9:45 — 11:25 W1A — Room II.8 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  – 1
Session chair: Prof. George Theodoridis, University of Patras
P2M-DeTrack: Processing-in-Pixel-in-Memory for Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Multi-Object Detection and Tracking –full text slides Gourav Datta, Souvik Kundu, Zihan Yin, Joe Mathai, Zeyu Liu, Zixu Wang, Mulin Tian, Shunlin Lu, Ravi T. Lakkireddy, Andrew Schmidt, Wael Abd-Almageed, Ajey P. Jacob, Akhilesh R. Jaiswal and Peter A. Beerel
Towards Energy Efficient DNN accelerator via Sparsified Gradual Knowledge Distillation full text slidesvideo Foroozan Karimzadeh and Arijit Raychowdhury
Energy-Efficient SNN Implementation Using RRAM-Based Computation In-Memory (CIM) full text slides Asmae El Arrassi, Anteneh Gebregiorgis, Anass El Haddadi and Said Hamdioui
High Level Synthesis Acceleration of Change Detection in Multi-Temporal High Resolution Sentinel-2 Satellite Images full text slides Konstantina Koliogeorgi, Dimitris Mylonakis, Sotirios Xydis and Dimitrios Soudris
W1B — Room II.9 Hardware for security
Session chair: Dr. Apostolos Fournaris, ISI
PA-PUF: A Novel Priority Arbiter PUF full text slides Simranjeet Singh, Srinivasu Bodapati, Sachin Patkar, Rainer Leupers, Anupam Chattopadhyay and Farhad Merchant
Design of a Tightly-Coupled RISC-V Physical Memory Protection Unit for Online Error Detection full text — slides Nicolas Gerlin, Endri Kaja, Monideep Bora, Keerthikumara Devarajegowda, Dominik Stoffel, Wolfgang Kunz and Wolfgang Ecker
Towards Generic Power/EM Side-Channel Attacks: Memory Leakage on General-Purpose Computers full text slides Can Aknesil and Elena Dubrova
Logic Locking of Finite-State Machines Using Transition Obfuscation full text — slides Shahzad Muzaffar and Ibrahim Elfadel


11:45 — 13:25 W2A — Room II.8 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  – 2
Session chair: Prof. Lech Józwiak, Eindhoven University of Technology
ZaLoBI: Zero avoiding Load Balanced Inference accelerator — full text video Imlijungla Longchar, Palash Das and Hemangee K. Kapoor
Toward Large Scale All-Optical Spiking Neural Networks — full text slides Milad Eslaminia and Sébastien Le Beux
FPGA-SoC deployment of complex deep neural network for magnitude and phase computations in denoising of speech signal — full text slides Georgios Flamis, Stavros Kalapothas and Paris Kitsos
Confidential Inference in Decision Trees: FPGA Design and Implementation — full text — slides Rupesh Karn and Ibrahim Elfadel
SS5 — Room II.9 Special Session on Key enabling technologies for the physical-layer of 6G communications
Organizer: Dr. Evangelos Vlachos, Industrial Systems Institute
Secrecy spectral efficiency optimization in RIS-enabled MIMO Communication Systems — full textslides Konstantinos D. Katsanos and George C. Alexadropoulos 
Accurate real-time UAV flight-mode classification — full text slides Nikolaos Georgiou and Panayiotis Kolios
Quantum computing-assisted Channel Estimation for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Communications — full text slides Evangelos Vlachos and Kostas Blekos

Awards and farewell